Simply Writing
Saturday and Sunday—September 29 & 30   2018, 1-5pm
Taught by Lisa Friedman

Do you only write when you have an assignment? What obstacles do you experience to writing? How can you structure your
life in order to keep writing? How, exactly, do you finish a piece of writing?

At Simply Writing, we'll define ways of making writing a more natural process; more time-efficient; and more fun. If you're
a beginning writer, you'll receive guidelines for getting started. If you're already writing, we'll pinpoint how to become more productive.

For this group, it simply doesn't matter what you're planning to write: articles, novels,
screenplays, reports.... You'll receive the personal attention needed to help get your ideas on paper.

You'll leave the class with:
>        a personal plan outlining what you need in order to write
>        three different techniques for creating a first draft
>        a book list including new and classic writing references
>        excerpted interviews with four successful writers
>        the top ten professional techniques for just writing it down

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Venue: Amsterdam Central Library
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